Learn the Secrets to Sing & Perform like your
Favourite Artists 

in just 5 days...

->Ever Wanted to Sing Super High Notes?  
->With Power & Stamina to last an Entire Show?
->& with Bulletproof Confidence? , 
>& SCREAM Without Losing Your Voice?

Discover the singing secrets of your favorite rockstars in 5 Days, guaranteed!


"I have never known Singing & Screaming could be so simple, I can finally sing and scream like Chester because of working with Abhi / Rockstar Vocal Secrets."

-Soumik Chakraborty,  MBA turned Metal Singer, Youtuber


  • Secret 1: How to expand your vocal range by at least an octave so that you could sing any song by diagnosing your voice killing triggers.…

  • Secret 2: How to gain the Vocal Power, Stamina & Scream the right way without hurting your voice by installing our Revolutionary Vocal Infusion Method.

  • Secret 3: How to demolish stage fright and get singing on stage and performing with confidence and so much more


Abhi, Singer-Songwriter & Vocal Coach

 Your Host/Coach


Abhi is a Singer-Songwriter & Vocal Coach and the Founder/CEO of Rockstar Vocal Secrets & MuzikClass where he coaches busy professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, IT Professionals & Entrepreneurs) who don't have a lot of time to practice, awaken their childhood dreams of becoming a Rockstar with just 30-60 mins or practice a day 4-5 days a week. 

More than 200,000 people from all over the world learn from his youtube videos and training workshops and over 1000+ Singers are coached directly by him to implement the Revolutionary Vocal Infusion Method to transform their voice and life.

How Does the Challenge Work

Unlike other Online Courses &  Training that are pre-recorded and full of theory and doesn't answer any of your deepest questions in singing, in this 5 Day Challenge is a live interactive training where not only will you get answers to the questions you have about singing, but also we will diagnose your voice and show you how you can sing some of your most favorite songs, with the help of the Revolutionary Vocal Infusion Method that has been tested with thousands of Singers who have used it to transform their voice and sing their favorite songs in a few weeks to a few months.


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If you are not happy with the 5 Day Challenge and you didn't feel like you got 100x more than what you paid for, we will be more than happy to give you a full refund, so you have nothing to lose. So go ahead and book your spot for our next

Sing & Perform like your Fav Rockstar 5 Day Singing Challenge

(Next Challenge Starts on 15th June 2020 10.00 pm)